Solar photovoltaics

In the light of the revolution caused by the rapid expansion of solar photovoltaics, Ponticelli, by purchasing GenSun in 2017, has proven that it is prepared to help its clients face up to their emerging challenges.

Through GenSun, the Group has a front-line design department and expert technical teams to cope with photovoltaic projects of any size, from preliminary studies to construction and maintenance works.

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Through its subsidiary GenSun, Ponticelli constructs bespoke photovoltaic power plants in France and abroad. GenSun uses technologies that have been identified and qualified by its design department to create, optimise and install all kinds of power stations with a turnkey delivery to connections.

  • Plants connected to a grid, self-consumption, hybrid
  • Taking into account regulatory, safety and architectural requirements (ICPE, ERP, ATEX, public procurement, works on an occupied site, in the public domain…)
  • Bespoke solutions: roofs, parking shelters, fixed ground structures, single or two-axis trackers
  • All trades works: foundations, civil engineering, metal structures, electrification…


As experts in the supervision and maintenance of photovoltaic facilities, GenSun ensures their maximum availability and optimal production.

  • Productivity monitoring
  • Preventive and systematic maintenance of plants
  • Corrective maintenance: diagnostics and troubleshooting
  • Plant audits
  • On-site testing of photovoltaic modules (I-V curves, EL imaging, infrared imaging)
  • Design and carrying out of repowering with the EPC service



The Ponticelli Frères Group’s trades and know-how are centred around three main skills covering the complete life cycles of industrial facilities and large infrastructures.


From the pre-project design stage to detailed studies, Ponticelli offers integrated engineering services to help industrial clients prepare successful projects.

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Specialists in the key trades of mechanics, industrial piping and lifting/rigging, Ponticelli builds new plants to develop new infrastructures or increase existing capacities.

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Expert in maintenance on industrial facilities, Ponticelli ensures their upkeep, modernisation and compliance to enable operators to maximize productive potential.

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