Industries and infrastructures




Percentage of the Group’s operating turnover in the Industries and infrastructures market


The Group’s operating turnover in the Industries and infrastructures market in 2023

Specialist in naval defence

Whether participating in the construction of new surface ships or submarines, adapting existing submarine structures or carrying out maintenance works on surface ships, Ponticelli accompanies naval defence all over the world.

The Group is particularly capable of globalising its piping-hull-lifting/handling-valve fabrication activities and working as a general contractor by using regional subcontracting networks.

Skills adapted to steel works

Relying on its wide range of skills in mechanical works, metalworks (piping, boiler works), valves, lifting and rigging, Ponticelli and its subsidiaries carry out new works for its clients in the steel industry, as well as repairs and maintenance on all types of facilities from blast furnaces to rolling mills.

Experts in lifting/rigging and mechanical works

Large infrastructure projects led by major construction companies are traditionally projects with strong technical dimensions which require the development of complex solutions using specific skills. For these market operators, who are often general contractors, Ponticelli’s expertise in lifting/rigging and mechanical works is an added bonus in finding innovative solutions to stringent project requirements (costs, deadlines, safety, environment, pollution…).