Renewable energies




Percentage of the Group’s operating turnover in the renewable energies market


The Group’s operating turnover in the renewable energies market in 2023

A solid experience in hydraulics

Through its historical know-how in piping, boiler works, mechanical works and lifting, Ponticelli has gained solid experience in hydraulic energy.

Today the Group intervenes on numerous new or existing structures and facilities to guarantee long-term safety and performance. Furthermore, the Group is constantly acquiring new skills, such as complex access management, to respond to our energy clients’ increasing variety of needs.

GenWind, an expert subsidiary

A key sector in energy transition, the development of wind energy needs specific expertise throughout the entire life cycle of power plants, from preliminary studies to the renovation of decommissioned sites. For several years Ponticelli has been working in this sector both in the development stage through its subsidiary GenWind and on construction and maintenance sites where we are able to intervene efficiently with our know-how in lifting/rigging and our network of national agencies.

A rapidly expanding speciality

In the light of the revolution caused by the rapid expansion of solar photovoltaics, Ponticelli, by purchasing GenSun in 2017, has proven that it is prepared to help its clients face up to their emerging challenges.

Through GenSun, the Group has a front-line design department and expert technical teams to cope with photovoltaic projects of any size, from preliminary studies to construction and maintenance works.

An industrial approach

New energy sources need industrial facilities to be competitive and fully contribute to the energy transition. For their design and construction, Ponticelli combines its historical know-how with its newly acquired specific skills in a unique way.