As a continuation of its historical construction activity, Ponticelli has established itself as a specialist in maintenance and planned shutdowns on industrial facilities for which it provides servicing, modernisation and compliance works so that its clients can maximise productive potential.

An expert in maintenance and planned shutdowns

Relying on its wide implantation network and its skills in key areas such as piping, valves, mechanical works and metal construction, Ponticelli defines operating methods and mobilises all the human, material and technological resources needed to carry out maintenance plans set out by operators, from daily interventions to major shutdown management.


With particular emphasis on digitised interactions, organisational flexibility and smooth steering, Ponticelli offers its clients experience founded on mutual co-operation and trust. By promoting communication and a common search for solutions, this proximity maximises both the facilities availability and operational safety while controlling costs.


Finally, thanks to its service culture and harmony between its various skills, the Group is able to activate its synergies to meet all requirements without delay, including exceptional circumstances that operators occasionally have to cope with.


Key figures


Number of current maintenance contracts



The Group’s operating turnover for maintenance activities in 2018