Oil & Gas, Petrochemistry, Specialised Chemistry

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Percentage of the Group’s operating turnover in the oil & gas, petrochemistry and specialised chemistry market


The Group’s operating turnover in the oil & gas, petrochemistry and specialised chemistry market in 2023

A leader in offshore construction

Ponticelli has long been a recognised leader in offshore construction activities. Through our experience and know-how, we help our clients take up increasingly challenging large new or brownfield offshore projects. We accompany them throughout their facilities’ entire life cycle with a wide range of solutions and services: feasibility and constructability studies, conceptual, FEED & detailed design, supply, construction, connections and commissioning, operations, maintenance.

Global onshore solutions

Whether dealing with new facilities (grassroot), the re-development of existing facilities (revamping) or maintenance, Ponticelli participates in onshore oil and gas field development projects of all over the world. Ponticelli’s teams and its partners implement global solutions covering the design, preparation, supply, fabrication, transport and installation (lifting), mechanical execution, assembling and commissioning of a projects’ various facets.

Providing refining and petrochemical services

In a constantly changing market, characterised by ever increasing technical and environmental issues, Ponticelli remains as close as possible to its clients’ industrial facilities. As one of the leading French companies in providing services to refining and petrochemical industrialists for several decades, Ponticelli associates its long experience with highly advanced skills to undertake routine maintenance works, prepare and/or carry out planned shutdowns, and also lead upgrade projects or design plants.

Distribution and stokage

To respond to increasing demands while ensuring a continuous and even distribution, gas companies must equip themselves with the appropriate infrastructures, particularly with stockage facilities close to demands, while respecting constantly changing regulations. To help them take up this challenge, Ponticelli ensures, alone or in partnership, the construction and installation of pipelines and terminals including earthworks and civil engineering.

Controlling technical constraints

A complex sector which manufactures finished products with very high added value for the automobile industry, pharmaceutical or cosmetics industry, specialised chemistry is characterised by environments that are extremely demanding in terms of safety and quality with products presenting multiple risks.