A solid experience in hydraulics

Through its historical know-how in piping, boiler works, mechanical works and lifting, Ponticelli has gained solid experience in hydraulic energy.

Today the Group intervenes on numerous new or existing structures and facilities to guarantee long-term safety and performance. Furthermore, the Group is constantly acquiring new skills, for example complex access management, to respond to our energy clients’ increasing variety of needs.

Our solutions

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  • Major floodgate renovations (Stoney, sector, flaps, cofferdams): mechanical works, anti-corrosion coating, works on fixed parts, maintenance on mobile components (cylinders, Galle chains)
  • Valve replacements, including mobile and fixed parts
  • Design and workshop fabrication of valves and cofferdams


  • Design, workshop fabrication and onsite plant assembly of piping circuits (cooling circuits, draining circuits) in painted carbon steel, stainless steel and plastic
  • Handling operations according to individual site conditions (vertical shafts, galleries, alternator enclosures)


  • Boiler making works on penstocks (segment replacements, hot tapping, supply and replacement of expansion joints)
  • Stress relieving operations and damage repairs


  • Replacement of dam draining valves (butterfly valves, hollow jet valves) which present significant handling difficulties
  • Replacement or renovation of line valves


  • Simple mechanical works on all types of turbines
  • Complex mechanical works with adjustments on Pelton turbines
  • Complex mechanical works on Francis turbines (type A)
  • Complex mechanical works on Kaplan/Helice (type A)
  • Complex mechanical works on Kaplan/Hélice (type B)
  • Works on horizontal shaft lines



The Ponticelli Frères Group’s trades and know-how are centred around three main skills covering the complete life cycles of industrial facilities and large infrastructures.


From the pre-project design stage to detailed studies, Ponticelli offers integrated engineering services to help industrial clients prepare successful projects.

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Specialists in the key trades of mechanics, industrial piping and lifting/rigging, Ponticelli builds new plants to develop new infrastructures or increase existing capacities.

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Expert in maintenance on industrial facilities, Ponticelli ensures their upkeep, modernisation and compliance to enable operators to maximize productive potential.

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Vincent Ladougne

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