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Ponticelli recruits motivated men and women with every level of experience who wish to serve industry and join a responsible and human employer.


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Recruitment policy

Our vacancies are open to candidates from all levels, from the CAP (French college diploma) to engineering diplomas or specialised master’s degrees.

The social ladder works efficiently at Ponticelli. We help our employees develop their skills.

The more experienced should come and share their know-how and gain further experience by joining our Group. Beyond providing more experience, we can offer them the opportunity of professional development through exciting and challenging projects.

Younger employees can play a role in their career by committing themselves to one sector in order to become more specialised and develop their skills by taking part in large-scale projects in France and abroad, in the oil & gas, chemical, petrochemical and nuclear sectors.

Jobs and trade sectors

Our job guide presents the various trade sectors available at Ponticelli Frères.

A sector is made up of several jobs in the same family. It is possible to progress from one job to another within the same family and also from one sector to another.

The different trade sectors are:

  • management
  • business/project/contract/shutdown management
  • construction site management
  • technical management
  • resource management
  • administration
  • design
  • commercial management

The job guide provides real visibility on the various career paths possible depending on your ambitions, potential and the opportunities available.


Download the job and sectors guide

Young graduates and trainees

Ponticelli can offer numerous opportunities to young graduates or trainees to learn a trade alongside us:

  • In France:
    • through several types of internships
    • through sandwich courses and apprenticeships
  • Abroad:
    • by VIE (international volunteer programs) for young CAP or Baccalaureate +5/6 (degree level) graduates

Location: France
Level: all levels from CAP/BEP (college level) to BAC+5 (degree level)
Duration: 1-6 months
Remuneration: gratuity for internships subject to valid agreements if the duration is more than 2 months
Recruitment: consult offers online or send an unsolicited application

Location: France
Level: all levels from CAP/BEP (college level) to BAC+5 (degree level) in technical and/or support functions
Duration: 1-3 years depending on the diploma
Remuneration: according to legal and conventional requirements
Recruitment: consult offers online or send an unsolicited application

Location: abroad (Europe, Africa, Middle East…)
Level: BAC +2 (HND level) to BAC+5/6 (degree level)
Duration: 6-24 months
Remuneration: fixed monthly allowance + legal geographical indemnity
Recruitment: consult offers online or send an unsolicited application

Relationships with educational institutions

Ponticelli is strengthening its presence in schools and universities and is developing various partnerships in order to increase contact with students, young graduates and the educational community.

Its presence must favour encounters with young talents who are not yet familiar with our trades. We would like to them to discover the dynamism of our activities and understand the appeal of building a career within our Group.

With this in mind, our internship, apprenticeship and VIE policies enable us to meet and train our future employees in our trades. This creates an opportunity to build a successful career within our Group in the early stages of their professional life.

Examples of various actions include:

  • Forums
    • Engineering schools: ENSAM / ESTP/ Centrale Nantes/ Polytech Nantes/Institut de Soudure (welding institute) …,
    • Technical training centres: CFAI Istres, AFPI, ….
    • Colleges: Henri LEROY de Port Saint Louis du Rhône College, Paul Eluard College at Port de Bouc, ….
  • Specific regional actions (receiving internes and apprentices in PONTICELLI’s facilities, workshop/site visits, posting vacancies, trade presentations …) in:
    • Universities: Havre, Rouen, and Aix en Provence,
    • Engineering schools: Ecole Centrale Marseille, …
    • Colleges/high schools: Paul Langevin Martigues College, EPF Montpellier, Côte Blanche Lillebonne College ….
    • Learning centres specialised in our trades: Institut de Soudure (welding institute) CFA Lavoisier Le Havre, CFAI Havraise et Istres, …
  • Specific actions in favour of trainees or newly-qualified youngsters who are facing difficulties in finding employment: Apprentis d’Auteuil association, Nos Quartiers ont des Talents.
  • Subsidies for engineering schools and colleges via an apprenticeship tax (Mines ParisTech, ENSAM, ESTP, ESSA/ EAPS, Polytech, IUT Havre and Amiens…)
  • Apprenticeship tax contributions for partnering schools for recruiting sandwich course candidates (AFPI Le Havre, CFAI Istres…)